Burnt Oak Opportunity Support Team
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BOOST   is   a   “place-based   approach”,   which   takes   the   features   of   Barnet’s   Welfare Reform   Task   Force   into   the   community   -   ensuring   that   local   residents   can   receive   all of   the   support   that   they   need   right   on   their   doorsteps.   It   aims   to   support   Burnt Oak,    one    of    the    most    deprived wards in the borough. Future    Path    supplies    the    Team Leader,   who   is   based   in   the   local library    alongside    Barnet    Homes, Jobcentre    Plus,    Love    Burnt    Oak and Barnet Council’s Youth Team. From   there,   the   different   agencies work      together      to      help      local residents to change their lives. Our   team   have   a   particular   focus   on   those   with   the   most   complex   issues,   often leading   to   high   anxiety   and/or   depression.   The   Coaches   have   small   caseloads   so that   they   can   spend   quality   time   with   residents,   using   our   MaPS   approach       to identify   their   support   needs,   and   put   the   right   measures   in   place   to   move   people into, or closer to, employment. For more details about BOOST, visit their Facebook page here .
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