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We are delighted to be delivering this exciting pilot, in partnership with Hillside Clubhouse, thanks to a joint commission by the London Borough of Camden and Jobcentre Plus. This programme is a pilot to test the use of the Individual Placement & Support (IPS) model in a different context. IPS was developed to support people with severe and enduring mental health issues, and this programme will test its effectiveness in supporting a different group - unemployed people currently experiencing mild to moderate, possibly undiagnosed, anxiety and/or depression. Working closely with Hillside, we have adapted the IPS Fidelity Scale into 21 commitments - thus allowing both providers to use the strengths of their respective delivery models, whilst ensuring a continuity across the pilot. For us, this means layering our MaPS model over the commitments, to create a hybrid of the two. Given that MaPS was already a good fit for the Fidelity Scale, this new version moves our model into the category of exemplary fidelity. Our Coaches take referrals from Kentish Town Jobcentre as well as the North and South Camden IAPT teams (iCope), and work alongside all three of these units on a weekly basis. Participants are supported in one of these venues, and/or in more informal community settings, depending on their preferences. Residents can expect a very personalised support package, with each Coach working with very low numbers of people, to allow quality time to be spent supporting people into employment. The delivery model includes: 1. In-depth assessment of barriers and obstacles - not just those relating to employment. 2. Screening for stress levels and low mood, with access to talking therapies for those who want the service. 3. Lifestyle assessment and appropriate support (e.g. smoking, exercise, diet). 4. Better Off In Work calculations to establish what employment would mean financially. 5. Expert, personalised support to help find, and stay in, employment.
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